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What you said before,” she asked. “That Jace Herondale loves Clarissa Fairchild more than anyone you’ve ever known except someone — you never finished the sentence. Who was it?”
“I was going to say you and me and Will,” he said. “But — that’s rather a strange thing to say, isn’t it?”
“Not strange at all.” She cuddled in close against his side. “Exactly right. Ever and always, exactly right.
— After the Bridge (via julesblackthon)
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endless list of favorite books → northern lights by philip pullman

“We are all subject to the fates. But we must all act as if we are not, or die of despair. There is a curious prophecy about this child: she is destined to bring about the end of destiny. But she must do so without knowing what she is doing, as if it were her nature and not her destiny to do it. If she’s told what she must do, it will all fail; death will sweep through all the worlds; it will be the triumph of despair, forever. The universes will all become nothing more than interlocking machines, blind and empty of thought, feeling, life…”

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Hi, I’m Isaac. I have retinoblastoma. We had surgery on one eye when I was younger so this is a glass eye. And then I’m going in to the hospital to have another surgery to take out the other eye. So, after that surgery, I’m just gonna be totally blind. But I’m lucky because I have this beautiful, smoking hot girlfriend, who’s way out of my league - Monica. And I have great friends like Augustus Waters to help me out. So, that’s what’s up. Thanks.

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Took a break from commissions today to revisit some old friends. :’)
Edit: I forgot to label Silena oops! ;___;

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"Blue was the color of royalty in Khal Drogo’s khalasar. It was the color of the expensive dye which they adorned themselves with, more so on special occasions such as Drogo’s wedding. […] Thus, while in Season 3 Daenerys no longer wears a Dothraki-style "cut" to her outfit, she switched to blue colors as a symbol of her authority as a Khaleesi and in memory of Drogo."

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